Salutations internet. You can call me Moosh, or Diane, or Dean, or whatever strikes your fancy. This blog shall consist mainly of Game of Thrones, dinosaurs, odd bits of funnies here and there, sad life stories, and EVERYTHING YUZURU HANYU until I manage to power through the honeymoon phase of this new thing. Coherency doesn't belong here. Thanks, and have a pleasant day darling~


Eastern Yellow Robin | birdsaspoetry


i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah


Preening Barn Owl at Sunset by teagden

Ok but why is the spot where I got some vaccine when I was born itchy all of a sudden this is how I die isn’t it

If it isn’t this had better give me some awesome super powers like not ones that involve saving the world or anything ew how boring but like just make my life slightly more convenient like being able to generate all the food I wanna eat right now or having puppy tail wags or not having to pick up said puppy’s poop idk where this is going


me: *goes to bed at 5am*

me: *is shocked, angry and doesnt understand why i keep waking up at noon*